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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry coz baru update.. :)

Salam & hi..

Sorry k coz Im not updating my blog this few days..
I was not in mood since there is a lot of things happened around me..
Totally bad mood.. hahaha.. So, whats up dude?

Today, Im going to share with all of u the 'best' thing happened to me last week..
As u guys know, yeah Im now single and alone.. It's 2 month of time since I left her
behind with her brand new life.. Seriously, Im in pain and still wont recover..
Ok, cut it off and go straight to the point rite..

Last week, I met her.. yeah.. I know it's a stupido action for me and Im sorry..
She came to my apartmen and lepak2 with me.. I do love it but at the same time I hate it so much!! Ok, so this is when the 'best' part started.. hahaha.. She told me about our relation..
About what and why we cant continue it..

She told me this reason as what her mom story to her sis and bro..
Her parents dont want me to be with her.. Nope!! But why?? Guess what?
They dont want me coz Im TOO GOOD for her daughter..
Ya Allah! What a nice good reason from them.. I was rejected coz Im good..
Can u guys imagine what i felt after hearing all that??

I always thought that every mom and dad would like to have a very good 'menantu'..
But now, they rejected me! and that is bcoz Im good!! So?? Should i change maself??
Change from good to bad so that they can accept me?? Nah.. I dont think so..
I believe they wont ever take me as their 'menantu'.. no.. they wont!

So now.. I felt so down.. I felt so shit! as the reason is killing me inside..
What can I do now is b maself.. b the only me.. b like I used to b before..
a cheerful person with no probs around my life..
and as for u 'LS'.. I wish u good luck!
Hope not to see u down there with him...
I totally regret and sad with ur action.. Thank you so much!

Fuhh.. Thanx yo for reading..

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